Something about myself

I have always been interested in designing and making things. During my pre-school years, for instance, I would make pretend miniature sewing machines out of bits and bobs attached to mums discarded cotton reels. A little later I went on to be one of the lucky few to have their work displayed on Take Hart. A popular children’s art programme, Take Hart was, at the time, the benchmark in artistic achievement for children between 5-10 year of age. I soon started making my own clothes and other objects around the home. Most of my projects were formed out of a thrifty mindset and a ‘waste not want not approach’.

However, despite this early predisposition to building and recycling, after school I ended up working in IT (in what was perceived to be a ‘proper job’) for a number of years. There are design prospects within IT, unfortunately, these proved somewhat elusive to me. I finally decided to follow my formative interests and embarked on an official design course gaining a BA (Hons) degree in Architecture in 2008.

My love of gardening has been the other ever present channel for my creative release. During my years in primary school we lived in social housing with no connected outdoor space. I overcame this by often volunteering to help my headmaster in the school garden during play times. By the time I’d reached secondary school, we’d moved to a house with a garden and the possibilities became endless. My new found enthusiasm may have been a bit much to bear as I was often reprimanded for such things as cutting the roses down too low, spreading fresh horse manure so that grass grew everywhere, or simply storing fascinating garden critters in unexpected places for later inspection.

Forming Green truC Studio is an attempt to sustainably present a mixture of art, architectural and horticultural design within predominantly urban contexts. Getting the balance right by exploring and addressing the needs and aspirations of the end user, of nature and the relationship between them both is important to me. This is not a claim to a new concept, but a hope to refresh and perpetuate a concept that has existed for as long as humankind has gathered together in any one place.